WordPress Development

Develop or Customize any WordPress themes or plugins with the modern test and elegance.

Work Process

I follow the easiest and simplest way to approach to get the best result for you

Research Project

The first and foremost step of my work process is to have research about your project. I’ll gather all the valid and important information relevant to the project.


At this stage of my work process cycle, as a Developer, depending on the information I have I’ll create a sitemap of the project that allows my client to understand how the entire website will look like.

Design the Layout

In the third step of my process, I’ll create the design of the website layout according to the sitemap I created.

Start Development

This step is the most crucial point of the work process. The design of the website will be run after the code I put. I’ll start writing code that makes the functionalities and logic simple and run smoothly over the site. The development process will be completed as per the site hierarchy created in the sitemap.

Writing and Testing

I’ll write the content that will be given by a copywriter or whatever the client wants. Therefore it’ll be easy for me to place the website copy. After writing all the content of the site, Before launching I’ll put the site under final testing. Every page, link, content & media will be tested. I’ll also focus on the website speed, responsiveness over every device, and Cross-Browser compatibility.

Complete Target

After the entire journey of the process, I’ll complete the target by launching the site. There will be a lot of Maintainance and Update. I’ll also keep your site up-to-date and if there are any bugs left on the site I’ll try to fix the issues ASAP.

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